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Harvest of the Month

July - Cucumbers

Humans have loved eating crisp and refreshing cucumbers since the early ages. The cucumber originated in south India, and spread to Mesopotamia about 3,000 years ago. The crop was especially loved by the Romans, who cultivated it year-round in early forms of greenhouses. Today, people still enjoy eating several varieties of cucumbers, such as slicing, pickling, and gherkin. The cucumber is 95% water and has a mild flavor and aroma of melon, with slightly bitter skins. Cucumbers are hydrating and contain about 20% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin K. Try adding a few slices to your water, making a quick refrigerator pickle, or having a big munch of a cold cucumber on a hot day and see why humans have been enjoying this crop for centuries.

Fun Facts
  • Cucumbers are 95% water!
  • Cucumbers are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables, originally from south Asia.
  • There can be a 20 degree difference between the inside of a cucumber and its outside skin, which might be where the phrase “cool as a cucumber” comes from!

  • Cucumbers are very hydrating vegetables that help replenish the fluids and minerals lost in our perspiration.
  • They also contain Vitamin E, which is great for our skin. Try rubbing a slice on your face to experience their refreshing benefits!
  • Cucumbers also have a high water and high fiber content which aids in digestion.

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